SABYenc for SABnzbd

After installing SABnzbd for the first time, the service can drop a failure message saying
"SABYenc module… NOT found! Expecting v2.7.0".
To fix this problem, a module called sabyenc needs to be installed. This can be done by executing two commands (on a Ubuntu/Debian system):

  • sudo apt-get install python-dev python-pip
  • sudo -H pip install sabyenc --upgrade

These commands (actually only the second one if pip is already installed) just need to be placed below the install script of SABnzbd in the QuickBox code.
Everything regarding this module can be found here.

Just my two cents, nothing more =)

A small addition: If the failure message “par2 binary… NOT found!” appears, the command to solve this is:

  • sudo apt-get install par2 -y

… and then restart the service.