Sabnzbd stable version

I wish to use the stable version of Sabnzbd instead of the developer mode. Currently, it shows [develop] unknown.

I was / am having the exact same issue, its causing the API from sabnzbd not to be recognised in either Couchpotato or Sonarr.
decided to have a play with nzbget so currently have that installed instead, seems to be working well so far.

@cloudbyday90 when you installed, does the version in the top right corner read as…

SABnzbd Version 1.1.0

That is their current stable version and the git pull that the installer performs should be pulling from their latest stable tree and not the initial development branch… unless they changed their repository defaults for some odd reason.

If this is the case, you may be able to navigate to your /home/USERNAME/SABnzbd directory and type

git checkout 1.1.x

Unless for some reason the 1.1.0 on their repo isn’t matching their release schema :frowning:

This. This next week there is going to be a version bump and the additionals to plant nzbget on the dashboard will be included.