ruTorrent wont download anything

Hey, i just got my quickbox setup, but rutorrent is not working! it wont download anything

This is all that are happening

Did you change the download location and is it a folder that exists? Torrents that sit like that are usually due to permissions issues.

Yup, i setted the download folder, and it exists.

Is it the default ~/torrents/rtorrent or another folder? If it is an alternate folder, is it owned by your rtorrent user?

Also, is there an off chance that you added the torrent in a paused state?

It’s an alernate folder inside my home folder, i guess so? Is there a command where i can change all my file permissions to read write?

I just add them like i would do.

did you use quota when you installed ?
if yes did you use set disk to give user space?

I dont have quota installed

you could try fixhome to see if that fixes it

it says i dont have permission to change file permission when i try fixhome

sudo su then fixhome

Dosen’t work

I think fixhome would work if my account was sudo, is there a command to add my user to that group?

are you on the main account?

yep i am :slight_smile:

well sudo su will make u run as root
then you can run any command you feel need for.

yep i know, but the fixhome command signs into my frodo acc, and tries but my frodo acc doesnt have the permissions to change file permissions

Checking frodo’s directory and file permissions …
Logging in as frodo and adjusting permissions …
[Task Complete]

try logging in ssh with root

not working either

where is the fixhome script located?