ruTorrent webserver failing with

rutorrent returning following error messages…

[22.09.2020 07:02:03] WebUI started.
[22.09.2020 07:02:04] Webserver user doesn’t have read/write/execute access to the tmp directory. ruTorrent will not work. (/srv/rutorrent/share/users/user1/tmp/)
[22.09.2020 07:02:04] No connection to rTorrent. Check if it is really running. Check $scgi_port and $scgi_host settings in config.php and scgi_port in rTorrent configuration file.

What changed? How do I rectify this?

Hey there @dschless!

This looks like it’s a matter of permissions.

Try running the following:

chown -R www-data /srv/rutorrent/*
chgrp -R www-data /srv/rutorrent/*
chmod -R g+rw /srv/rutorrent/*
sh -c 'find /srv/rutorrent/* -type d -print0 | sudo xargs -0 chmod g+s'

Once those perms are updated now adjust the permissions on the users share with:

chown -R user1: /srv/rutorrent/share/users/user1

You can additionally shoot me a Direct Message here and show me the output of la -l /srv/rutorrent/share/users/* so I can see exactly what your current permissions are set to.