RuTorrent vs Deluge - Which one should you choose?

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I am not in the business of telling anyone how to run their seedbox. However, using QuickBox you get the option of either Deluge or RuTorrent as your downloader and both are extremely good pieces of software. However, there are some people who don’t know the differences and the Pros and Cons of using the software.

In this blog post, we hope to present the list of Pros and Cons of each system so that you can make an informed decision when you are setting up your seedbox.


I personally use RuTorrent as it was the first piece of downloading software I used when I first got into seedboxes. I liked the similar looking interface between RuTorrent and uTorrent.

RuTorrent is written on a C++ framework within your seedbox. However, in order for RuTorrent to work, you do need to have RTorrent. RTorrent is the backend program that does a lot of the heavy lifting.

RuTorrent is fantastic at handling a lot of torrents as well, so if you are a power user and downloads/seeds a lot of content, then RuTorrent might be the way to go.

It has a very clean looking user interface as well which makes navigating it easy as well. If you’re used to torrent clients on your Windows Computer, then RuTorrent is going to be a breeze to learn to quickly identify the functions in it as well.


Deluge is a more CPU heavy application but has a better interface and looks cleaner. A lot of people use Deluge for their torrent management and is great for managing a small amount of torrents (100 or less).

In addition Deluge has an aggressive stance when it comes to peering and this is a fantastic advantage over some other clients. This means that getting your ratios up quicker means that Deluge is the one you would want to go for.

Deluge is a free application along with RuTorrent and is ad-free too so you won’t need to worry about intrusive ads blocking up your view. In addition Deluge is open-sourced as well so you can see exactly how it is made up as well.

We’re not in the business of telling you which one to use, but we hope this gives you enough information to make an informed decision as well. I’ve already mentioned that I personally use RuTorrent but a lot of staff use Deluge. There are other torrent clients you can use as well, however, Deluge and RuTorrent are the two most common ones as well.