ruTorrent v3.7 hangs

I have a kimsufi ks-4c dedicated box that I installed ubuntu 16.04 server and quickbox. I am using rutorrent v3.7 but I am having an issue where the webui just hangs and wont do anything. If I do a refresh of the service in the quickbox dashboard for about the next minute everything works properly I can create a torrent, take screenshots, whatever I need to. After that time if I attempt to do anything, nothing happens. It just shows as thinking and nothing happens. I can’t load a torrent, make a torrent, take screenshots, nothing works until I refresh the the rutorrent again on the quickbox dashboard.

Is rtorrent still running, but the ui is frozen? Do you know if it’s trying to re-check any torrents? How many torrents are loaded in rtorrent?

Also, you could try checking htop to see if this is because rtorrent is consuming all the cpu/mem, and thus hanging. Need more details mainly.

So after doing more checking I found it is firefox, when it appears stuck if I open it in Chrome there are no isues at all everything works as expected, while in firefox nothing works correctly.

I’ve never used Firefox with rtorrent, so I wouldn’t be able to help you there (Chrome master race).

Try clearing cache and reloading page or browser. Also check to see if any addons are causing an issue.