ruTorrent theme back to default white?

Not urgent just messing with my OCD … but the ruTorrent theme has reverted back to the white theme for some reason - can someone advice on how to get back to the dark theme .

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @lwhittaker,

Did you look into your rutorrent Preferences > General > Theme : Club-Swizards ?

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thanks for the reply - I did look but I don’t see the option …

Could you look if you have the theme plugin (folder) installed please?
With : ls /srv/rutorrent/plugins

oh nope don’t see it … odd !

You could reinstall themes with this command : sudo bash /usr/local/bin/quickbox/plugin/install/installplugin-theme

And restart rtorrent with : sudo systemctl restart [email protected]

But the club-Swizards theme will not be installed, you will need to do some manual commands that you can see here : (line 802 > 808)

But there will be some dark themes :wink: (Dark, FlatUI_Dark)


perfect thanks ever so much ! works great now .