Rutorrent tested but having problems



i have been testing quickbox as a user i logged into ssh using the user and tried the reload command this is what i get

== Seedbox Shell ==
Welcome To Your QuickBox Seedbox Shell
Type ‘?’ to get the list of allowed commands
c#ch#eg#l:~$ reload
*** forbidden command: reload

also i have transferred over some torrents and some .session files using ssh

scp -rp -P 4747 /home/user/rtorrent/.session/* [email protected]/home/user/.sessions/

scp -rp -P 4747 /home/userl/rtorrent/downloads/* [email protected]:/home/user/torrents/

chown -R user:user /home/user/.sessions/*

chown -R user:user /home/user/torrents/*

usually when this is done and i restart rutorrent they should show in the rutorrent interface but they are not ime wondering if the reload services button is working as i cant use reload logged in as user in ssh how can i check this and is there a way to reload a user from root



It sounds to me as if you haven’t actually killed rtorrent and brought it back up fresh. If the reload function isn’t working you can either use the web panel (www-data should have permission to kill and pkill) or add “reload” to the list of allowed functions in /etc/lshell.conf.

Alternatively if you’re root you can just administer the command pkill -u (username) rtorrent


thank you so much
that worked