Rutorrent showing more disk usage than I can actually find on disk

if I do “du -ah | sort -h” from root when ssh’d in I get a total file size count of 9.5GB but rutorrent says 31% usage on a 45GB partition which should be at 20% (9.5/45). I have looked at the folder within terminal for extra files not appearing in rutorrent but I dont see anything extra. Any ideas?

Hello, i’m sure that’s only a permission problem so i suggest you to do this :slightly_smiling_face:

chmod -R 755 /home/USER/torrents/rtorrent
chown -R USER:USER /home/USER/torrents/rtorrent

I’m sure that will solve your problem, if not, try to use the fixhome command.

Thanks for reply but no dice ;(

interestingly if I use the showspace command it is correct, while the quickbox dashboard shows an extra mystery 5GB that is also reported by rutorrent

uhhh is it that a quickbox fresh install uses 5GB by default?? as I just reinstalled everything and the issue is the same.