ruTorrent settings error

Whenever I try to open the settings (cog icon) on ruTorrent, I get this message:

JS error: [https://*********/rutorrent/js/jquery.js line 2 > eval : 138] TypeError: $$(…) is null

Any ideas?

This happens to me too, but it has never messed up my server’s performance. I think it may be some temporary connection failure.

I know that could be something…strange…but I suggest to try to reboot your server. Don’t know why, but sometimes it works (also for me in the past).

This is at most a completely random glitch from within ruTorrent. I don’t think this is necessarily a bug within QuickBox. Have you added any additional plugins or made any changes to your permissions? Additionally, are you on the latest version of QuickBox? Are you using Debian or Ubuntu? Can you do a hard flush of your browser cache and does the error still appear?

I got that on a fresh install of QuickBox and ruTorrent. For me, it went away after a couple reboots and updates. You can still change the settings for rTorrent manually with ssh and editing the .rtorrent.rc file.

I found out that the permissions for the “history” ruTorrent plug-in were setted up wrongly, I fixed the problem using chmod and chown to the correct settings.