Rutorrent RSS interval

Hi guys!
I’m trying to set rss interval to 1 minutes, but it is impossible, minimum is 2 minutes.
I have modified conf.php in /root/QuickBox/rtplugins/rss as below quote, and then change update interval to 1 minites in rutorrent setting/feeds.
But it is still 2 minutes.
Do you guys have any advice for me?
Thanks in advance.
P/S: quickbox is extremely perfect for a linux newbie like me.
Many thanks creators and supporters


@define(‘HISTORY_MAX_COUNT’, 100, true);
@define(‘HISTORY_MAX_TRY’, 3, true);
@define(‘WAIT_AFTER_LOADING’, 0, true);

$minInterval = 1; // in minutes

$feedsWithIncorrectTimes = array
“torrentday.”, // substring of hostname

Sounds like you are trawling for upload cred or points… have you looked in to irssi-autodl ?

Yes, i’m going to build some upload amount.
I have not tried irssi-autodl yet.
But if there is no way to follow up with rss, i should give irssi-autodl a look.

you should do that… irssi-autodl loads the torrents before they even show on {chose your tracker here} pages for you to click the download button or it is being shown in rss…

basically you will have the torrent ready to start downloading the instant it gets uploaded…

(I have also this afternoon sorted my autodl out on quickbox rtorrent… 7 files loaded - within 1 second of being uploaded, avg time of 45 seconds to finish a file and then its upload all the way from there…)

If you are using IPT, check out this quick video –

If not, the video will help you 90% of the way with other providers…

Good luck

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Many thanks.
I’m trying with your video.

Figured out.
Edit conf.php in /srv/rutorrent/plugins/rss.

can i ask, the purpose for you wanting to use rss is it to build your ratio or is it to grab things you are interested in? the only reason i ask is as people suggested above. if you are just trying to build up ratio using irssi-autodl can be a great way paired with ratio groups. i have mine set to grab new torrents seed them to a ratio of 1.1 then auto delete them… you can then just leave the box do its thing for weeks on end building up your ratio.