ruTorrent optional?

When you install you get 3 different rtorrent versions to install(I fail to see why people wouldn’t use the latest), but no option to NOT install rtorrent. The way it is now if I wanted to say use Deluge I’d still have to have rtorrent installed. Not only is this completely unnecessary it just makes things a bit messy.

I cannot be the only one that feels this? Thank you for your hard work, you have made a great script for seedbox deployment, I for the record use rtorrent, but have used deluge in the past and just thought this would be a good idea for a future update.

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I’ll give you a vote because I can see what you mean by that. It kinda forces users to use rutorrent/rtorrent setup.

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First off, no idea is a bad idea and we appreciate the suggestion… however…

Nobody is being forced to use it. At any time you can toggle the service off completely and the processes will not run at all. In fact, I have a personal machine that only runs deluge as I have opted to turn off rutorrent and irssi. Older versions are options and are not in the slightest unused as (believe it or not) there are still some trackers out there that require older versions, this goes for users as well. Only b/c one person fails to see why these are included does not negate the fact that others do sometimes prefer them. We are not here to stow away options from the user-base.

Removing ruTorrent from the installer and then turning around and building in a package installer for the software is a complete waste of resources and time. A seedbox is a seedbox and ruTorrent just so happens to be what we include as a default application for torrents. Deluge is only used by a small margin of (mostly racers) users in the torrenting community.

We will keep ruTorrent as the default application at this time as it is what most users are aware of… new and old.

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I think JMSolo is he thinks we should have the Deluge option before the Rtorrent ie

Do you want Rtorrent or Deluge?

if Deluge install deluge and not rutorrent
if rutorrent bring up to the prompt for version selection

I think his only complaint is why do I have to install both and deactivate rutorrent; when I should be able to not have to use rutorrent at all

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yeah that was actually the same thing I came to after my reading - hence my like :slight_smile:

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Well, if enough people feel this is something we should work on, then we’ll add it to the pipeline. I’ve known plenty of people to use both, or ruTorrent, but rarely just Deluge. If we have users who can join the suggestion that do not use ruTorrent then this request will be marked with higher priority… votes help too :slight_smile:

We could then add in an uninstaller for ruTorrent that would avoid damaging any additional dependencies.

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When I really took part in the QuickBox community, I went from version 2.1.x (I do not remember exactly) to the 2.3.7 release. Both on fresh install.

The thing that struck me at the time was that I felt to have no choice but to install rTorrent + Deluge. But I found the trick by not choosing any version of Deluge then install ruTorrent.

I guess the idea of demonotaku is interesting :

At the time of installation:

  • Asks the user if he wants ruTorrent or Deluge
  • Then ask the version desired rTorrent with possibility of not having to install (last option only for Deluge users)
  • Proceed the installation.

This could allow only the users who land on QuickBox not be lost or forced to install things they do not necessarily want :slight_smile:

It also may be the simplest to create; however, i am not really a coder other then batch scripts but I would assume a IF / Else statement could help cleaning it out

The issue that nobody understands is that we use make and compile rtorrent from source.

ah thats makes more sense and can cause the issue I wasn’t aware of :slight_smile:

Even built from source I don’t see why it couldn’t simply ask at install if the user wanted rTorrent, Deluge, or both and then go from there in installing/building.

Then tell me the result of the user opting to install from script, then choosing to uninstall from PMC on the dashboard? Additional to this, there is the opt in to install afterwards.

Additionally, here is the function for anyone that wants to take a closer look at this for a better understanding:

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