Rutorrent not show in dashboard

i make new account using my root account. i got a problem, why rutorrent doesn’t appear ?
SS :

if i write the url manually ( IP/rutorrent ) it’s appear but can’t be used.

Did you reboot after the installation was finished?

whether to reboot ?

You should reboot after the install finishes, this is posted at the end of the install script. After reboot, the rutorrent link should show in your menu.

ok thanks @JMSolo i will try.

I never did reboot on my server.

I’ve tried to reboot my server, and it still does not show up

According to that screenshot, it’s there. :confused:

after I try to reboot, still not showing

What version are you running? As the two screenshots you’ve provided are two different versions… you can tell by the old logo.

yes, with root account rutorrent showing in dashboard, but in new account i have create rutorrent not showing.
please check your PM @JMSolo

Yes, your PM is asking me to login and do the fix for you, however, I am asking which version you are running. Simple question and we’ll go from there :smiley:

sorry :slight_smile:
from root account :

You are on the QuickBox commit - - 9655b3a …

this my version.

Hmm, alright. I’ll be over in the PM in few moments.


Solved in PM. User directory was corrupted/incomplete. Rebuilding user and sending a restart to users rtorrent service fixed the issue. The user in question was a new user and hadn’t populated with data, so in this instance, the fix was as easy as deleteSeedboxUser and then recreating it with createSeedboxUser.

ok thank you so much @JMSolo :blush:

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