ruTorrent no longer connecting to rTorrent

Absolutely no config files changed in between when this was working and when it wasn’t. I have over 3TB of free space, so that shouldn’t be an issue. rTorrent has never stopped running at any point and is still seeding, so it’s just ruTorrent that is unable to connect. The server didn’t reboot in that time, and no packages changed.

Having got the “No connection to rTorrent. Check if it is really running. Check $scgi_port and $scgi_host settings in config.php and scgi_port in rTorrent configuration file.” message, I checked the .rtorrent.rc file to see my SCGI port is 13126, and the ruTorrent config in /srv/rutorrent/conf/config.php says the SCGI port is 5000. I tried changing it to 13126 but that did nothing, and I’ve since changed it back.

I am currently on a Hetzner box running Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS.

That is the default config, I wouldn’t mess with that one. Did you check the ruTorrent config file at /srv/rutorrent/conf/users/USERNAME/config.php?

Had I realized that I would have looked there, unfortunately I went about solving this myself by backing up my .rtorrent.rc, and reinstalling QuickBox making sure not to “override” current installations, i.e. choosing to not install Deluge, etc. After re-generating my LE cert I’m all set up again. If something happens again I’ll take a look there first.

(Also, anyone looking to do the same, make sure to back up the config files in your sites-enabled folder so you can restore them if necessary, you only need to backup anything other than aliases-seedbox.conf, default-ssl.conf, fileshare.conf, kade.console.conf as these will be made when you re-install).

Edit: Well great, seems to be broken again after working fine for 20 minutes… My user config has the correct SCGI port as well.

Are you modifying the .rtorrent.rc file at all? RTorrent certainly shouldn’t be stopping without cause.

It seems to have sorted itself out again. (I imagine most people won’t have this issue, I did realized I was for some reason missing some modules that I had to re-install and re-enable with a2enmod). Now unfortunately I’m stuck with one last problem:

rTorrent user can’t access ‘id’ program. Some functionality will be unavailable.

I can certainly run the command under root, and my main user, and under www-data. In fact, I just tested it with every user I found in /etc/passwd and it works in every case. Edit: This seems to have sorted itself out after a restart. Everything looks clear now.