Rutorrent issue

Hi Team,

I have an issue with rutorrent. I did not install FFmpeg while installing the script for the first time. I reinstalled the script today and after rebooting, rutorrenr ain’t working and the main user (sudoer) lost the capacity to update from dashboard. I can still login in to ssh with the sudo user though.

While reinstalling the script I entered the same user as main user again and I believe rentering the same user again as main user messed up the script on my server.

Hopefully this can be resolved with out a reinstall.

What’s not working:

  1. Rutorrent
  2. Updating script from dashboard.

What’s working

  1. SSH
  2. Deluge

This shouldn’t really mess it up as it will only recognize that the user exists and move on. If anything it will overwrite with new values and no damage.

You can additionally do updateQuickBox as root and this will update your system from cli.

Hi @JMSolo, I have a new issue with the rutorrent. I get the following error “Check $scgi_port and $scgi_host settings in config.php and scgi_port in rTorrent configuration file” and " Make sure autodl-irssi is started and configured properly (eg. password, port number): Error getting files listing: Error: Invalid port ()! Initialize port in conf.php"

Can you please help me on this? It only pops up for old users. It doesn’t happens to new users.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Did you run the full install script over the top of a re-existing install?

When you say ‘old users’ it makes me think that may be the case. Can you confirm first if you ran the update script as well as which version you attempted to do this from.

That error implies there is just no connection to rTorrent. It’s possible if you are coming from a version in the 2.3.x range you may need to remove cron from your system to take advantage of systemd, which is now our standard. Another possible cause is that running the full install script on top of an existing install attempted to re-add a new port range for scgi-localhost… this hasn’t been the case in beta tests, but it’s a very small possibility.

The only other explanation is that something was manually adjusted by you and it threw everything off kilter. To this you would need to trace exactly to when the issue occurred.

@JMSolo, Yes you are correct I ran it over a current script. I was on post 2.3.x version. My server is already using systemd. As far as I remember I didn’t change anything manually. I simply ran the script over current script after which I restarted my system and from that minute Rutorrent stopped working for users which were added before I ran the script over the current one.

I can share my server details in case you would like to look at it personally.

Yes, let’s do that as there could be several things going on… easiest to check it out first-hand.

@Jmsolo, just Pmed you the details