Rutorrent + deluge both not working

I have Quickbox dashboard working along with Flood. Since Flood is working I assume rtorrent is active.

But, I cannot get deluge and rutorrent to work.

In dashboard: Under the service control center panel, Web client is green. I assume that’s rutorrent? I also see rutorrrent in the main menu. If I click it though, I connect to a specific port under my url and get the error
JS error: [ : 646] TypeError: theWebUI.systemInfo.rTorrent is undefined. I guess it’s not set up correctly?
I’ve confirmed that /srv/rutorrent/conf/users/<USERNAME>/config.php has the scgi_port as the one specified in ~/.rtorrent.rc.

Even though I thought I specified to install deluge, both delugeD and deluge Web are red on the control center. How can I install them?

I’ve got deluge working by a reinstall with box. For some reason it worked this time.

With rutorrent:
I’ve tried changing the scgi_port specified here:


to my scgi_port.
And the open sockets seem to be listening ok. Any suggestions?

my deluge not working
have try reinstall it from dashboard and not working
but both my rutorrent and trans is working