Rutorrent change download folder location

Hello i want a change my download folder for rutorrent in another folder because when i setup i use a ssd drive for my os and a riai disk 9tb and i want to stock in my 9 tb where can i change the setting

Thanks youy

Its best to set it in .rtorrent.rc file, in default installation it would be in your home directory as a hidden file.

nano ~/.rtorrent.rc and modify "directory = " line


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Thanks you so much do i have to reboot the werver after this??

You can either restart rtorrent or reboot the server.

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i reboot the server after i make the chnage and i have the same folder

Have you selected all of your torrents and then done:
right click > “Save To…” > pick your new folder that you set in the .rtorrent.rc > click “Ok” to save the location


ah ok i test and it’s work thanks you :slight_smile: