ruTorrent 3.8 update schedule

ruTorrent 3.8 was released in this month

Any update schedule of Quickbox?


Not until a variety of trackers accept it as a suitable candidate.

I believe ruTorrent is the WebUI part though, no? rTorrent is the part that interfaces with trackers.

Yea, unless there is a requred rTorrent upgrade that is needed.

This exactly. I need to go through the recent commits that Novik has published and make sure of a few things first.

[] Ensure that it is going to be compatible with our use of php7
] Ensure there are no updated libs that may or may not be compatible with popular trackers

For the time being, there is nothing wrong with 3.7 and it works out the gate… additionally, I think we are only a couple of commits behind anyhow as I try to keep things current with what is being published at the official repo.

Looking at the comparison between what we are running and what has been published in this next version, it seems it is very trivial, therefore, once I find time I can push this out.

…and of course, just the usual bumping of version number:

-plugin.version: 3.7
+plugin.version: 3.8