Running multiple web servers on ESXi host


I need some assistance to get quickbox running on my ESXi host.

I already got a Windows VM running with a webserver, but it is conflicting with Quickbox on port 80 and 443.

I’ve tried changing my Quickbox ports to 8080 and 4433, and is now able to access the web panel with https://my.public.ip:4433

But with some limitations, like I can’t open normal http links such as Deluge webpanel from the dashboard.

I’ve been searching for a solution and Reverse Proxy sound like the way to go…

So I installed Squid Reverse Proxy from PfSense package manager, but I’ve not been able to get it working…

My setup is like this:

Root server hosted at Hetzner

I got 2 public IP’s and a subnet

One IP is connected to the ESXI host so I can connect the web panel with public IP: x.x.x.189

I then got a Firewall/router VM( running with PfSense providing internet to my two VM’s:

  1. Windows VM with web server using port 80 and 443 - (192.168.100)

  2. Ubuntu server with Quickbox installed with ports changed to 8080 and 4433 - (

Both VM share the public IP x.x.x.184

But I’m really unsure about what ports, IP’s etc I need to add inside the Reverse Proxy settings…

Anyone done similar setup, that could help me getting proper access to the Quickbox dashboard??