Run ResilioSync under the Quickbox user

I wanted to use ResilioSync to sync up my .torrent download folder on the desktop to the rwatch folder on the seedbox. A ls -l in the /home/quick folder reveals that the ResilioSync folder Quickbox wants you to use (sync_folder) has a different group and permissions compared to the other folders. A chmod 775 rwatch isn’t enough. I wasn’t able to add rwatch as a sync folder until I changed the user that ResilioSync was running under from rslsync to quick.

My suggestion is that it would be much easier to add folders if the user was changed from rslsync to quick. This would also place ResilioSync’s config files in the user’s .config directory and take precedence over /etc/resilio-sync/config.json.

It does actually work adding the rslsync user to the group (quick) and then change the permission to 775 for the folder. You just have to reboot after you have added the user to the group for it to be loaded. There may be a reload command but I just reboot and it is able to sync the folders that I have made the changes to. I have added the rslsync user to other groups too and now I can backup the important folders on the box.

So your initial idea of just adding the user to a group may actually be the easier solution in the end if you want to sync other folders that are not in the ‘home/user’ folder.

And for other Newbies like me :blush: I added the user to a group with this command:

usermod -a -G groupName rslsync

You may need the command sudo in front if you are not logged in as root. (sudo usermod -a -G groupName rslsync)

You can check the different groups in the ‘group’ file that is located in the /etc/ folder at root level.