Run QB in a kvm vm on top of proxmox

What do you guys think of doing that?

KVM should give really close to real-time performance.

Being able to snapshot the thing and roll it back would make my life a bit easier


as long as you have the server to make it worth it. resources are what are the deciding factor.

yeah, I have the resources.

64GBs of ram, E5-1620 v2(9454 passmark) and 4 2TB drives in a raid 0 that will do 431MB/s.
One of those OVH specials but I lucked out and got a full Gbit up and down to the internet.

It seems like overkill to just use it as a seedbox.

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the cpu a single or more than one? my recommendation is at least 3 -4 threads per os. that’s just me though…

It’s a single CPU. The main point would be to be able to snapshot. Even if I give the QB vm most of the resources, having the ability to snapshot would be handy. I still havent seen QB use more that 20-25% of this CPU even when pulling down torrents at 100+ MB/s and pushing 100MB/s out to encrypted ACD.

qb itself no it won’t use more than 1 thread lol but when using soft raid you end up using some of the cpu under large loads, also on top of this you most likely would run plex and then there is a option to set in plex server to make it transcode faster. by default it does not use a whole lot but with it enabled lets just say it has a toll lol.

if your wanting snap shots that would be good but if you save them to save hdds and you have one fail it kinda defeats the point :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have transcodes going to a ram disk right now.


I think that could work but for me, it’s a bit too much setup. I think CrashPlan full system backups are the way to go. I plan to setup my 5 disks in a ZFS raidz array so I can do snapshots.

Mind pointing me to how you set that up? Might be pretty useful to me considering I’m running a similar setup. I’m trying to use LXC rather than KVM tho not that it should make a difference for a ram disk.

Also mind if I ask what the monthly fee is on a box like that?