Rtorrent timeouts

For some reason, I’m getting tons of tracker timeouts on rtorrent. I haven’t messed too much with the rtorrent config. Before I even changed anything, there were tons of timeouts. A majority of them seem to be with RARBG. On Seedhost.eu though, there are no errors, so it’s not the tracker availability.

tracker_list: Failed to connect to tracker url:‘http://tracker.trackerfix.com:80/announce’ msg:‘Timed out’.
tracker: [0] Tracker HTTP failed.

Another common error I have is: Unable to connect to UDP tracker

Did you by chance block public trackers on the initial install? I am wondering if some of these (I know rarbg will) will have issues due to the hosts file config. They really shouldn’t, but it’s a possibility.

Nope, I allowed public trackers on install. Hosts file is a blank slate.