rTorrent/ruTorrent unresponsive

I’m running rTorrent since a few days and it hasn’t been a pleasent ride. rTorrent locks up leaving rutorrent unresponsive and unable to connect to rtorrent XMLRPC. To resolve the issue I actully need to restart the VM, using systemctl restart [email protected]<user> does not help. Looking at top (command) I see rTorrent pretty much idle doing nothing, and overall I/O is non existent (no up/downloads or hash checking)

Anyone else experienced this? My setup is an 4 core HyperV VM with 2GB ram, I’m seeding from an cifs share on an internal host network (data store is on the physical HyperV host, while QuickBox is running as an VM in HyperV)

Anyone else seen this behaviour?

I would do basic troubleshooting. Increase ram, increase CPUs, try it on another hypervisor with the same specs, try the media locally. Eventually you’ll narrow it down.