Rtorrent delay on startup

Hi there, having issue with rtorrent. I have change default download location to external drive. But when I reboot rtorrent defaults back to its default download location. I think that it is due to the fact that on boot rtorrent is loading before drives are mounted. So my question is, Is there away to delay the rtorrent from starting either for set time period or until drives are mounted

thanks in advance

I used to have a similar problem with rc.local and waiting for networking to come up

I resolved it by putting


above the text in that script, that was enough time for networking to come up and run the rest of the services.

I’m sure there’s a way to get the rtorrent service to wait 10 seconds before actually executing the screen part.

No idea what script to edit.

maybe @RXWatcher would know where the script is to edit?

Before you start blaming rtorrent for not doing its job, how are you editing the default download location? If you are only changing it in rutorrent, then yes every time you restart rtorrent, the default download location will be reset to the location specified in ~/.rtorrent.rc. This is the file to edit and I suspect you haven’t :wink:

However, if you have then read on.

The service file to alter would be /etc/systemd/system/[email protected]

Easy solution would be to add a preexec command such as wait 10. A more elegant solution might be figuring out if you can change the after= to a more appropriate time in the bootup sequence. It depends on how you are mounting the drives though

man systemd for everything you could ever wish to know about systemd services :wink:

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Very correct hadn’t edited the ~/.rtorrent.rc file.


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