rTorrent cannot start

I had to bood the server into Rescue mode to perform some testing (like windows safe mode)
After that i an unable to get rTorrent running again. I stays with a red dot at it´s status and restart button or Enable/Disable does sh!t.

Only web interface is enabled and reachable

Also installed plex to try it out but same issue there. Never got it to start (status icon red)

I have tried to sudo apt remove rtorrent but it cannot find it. Tried tabbing to see if it has some other full name but none is found.

Just typing rtorrent however starts something weird rtorrent in the terminal window.

Looking for guiddence in troubleshooting to get it running again.
Preferably without loosing settings. (A re-install of OS shud not be needed)

Thank you all fellow boxers