Rtorrent and dashboard not working

rtorrent and dashboard not working how do u restart plex and web ul working thanks al

Let’s start with some quick Q&A

  1. Which version of QuickBox are you currently on?
  2. Which Release of Ubuntu are you using?
  3. Who is your provider?
  4. Is this a fresh install or have you updated?

With these out of the way we can provide a much better level of support.

dtech installed dont know and setup he said was to give u message could not message think ubuntu been running 2 weeks did not update dont think as working away ftp and stuff still work dtech setup gave rutorrent ip and dsahboard r torrent stop working reloaded service all work for a day then was away for a week b4 notice hetzner provider

I’ll send you a PM here shortly requesting your server credentials. I will login and not only fix this for you, but update you to our newest version.

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thanks for all your help thanks thought was pm

these 2 links i using none work 1 rtorrent other dashboard
is there new ones

Please do a hard cache clean on your browser Ctrl + f5 I am having no issues logging into your server. Also, please do not post your IP here in the forums. :slight_smile:

sorry about ip thinking was pm not worked will reboot pc and try diff browser thanks

Yeah, give it a go on another browser if you can, more than likely you are caching something. I attempted to login to your dashboard and rTorrent and there are no problems.

reboot other browser worked need to cache or something working might have been that to start with

get in rutorrent disk full but quickbox says over 4tb left what do i do your going top be like not me again lol

so turns out is was not quickbox giving full read-out it was another seedbox, that was spitting out notifications.

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Thanks for the update @dtech_banned. Marking this solved and closing this.

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