Review: Riverdale - A good start but what on earth happened?

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Riverdale is a show that launched back in 2017 and is based off the Archie Comics. It had a strong cast of teenage twenty-something year olds, all looking to bring this band of characters to the small screen.

It had a fantastic start to the show with Season 1 bringing huge numbers of viewers, however, it quickly went downhill (for me anyway).

I managed to watched the first two seasons of this show before I got bored of it. To be honest, I could predict what was happening, and there were no shock moments for me. I then saw that Season 3 was being launched and to be honest, at this point I had lost interest in this as I could see that they were turning this into another long-running show.

Now I had never read any Archie comics when I was growing up and I was somewhat familiar with the characters and that was about it. So I had no intentions or preconceptions about this show. That being said, I had heard a lot of people talking about it and wanted to see what the fuss was about.

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Now writing this review, I couldn’t even tell you what the episode was about, how it starts, or what the characters are like. I can’t even remember their names. That is how much of an impression this show left on me.

It managed to grab my attention for about a month, and then leave it on the cutting room floor with poor writing, bad acting, and a dark and senseless set.

Set in a school, this show aims to tell the story of Archie and his friends as they go through their lives battling normal teenage things and whilst discovering the secrets that it’s town Riverdale has.

If you’re watching this show and you’re enjoying it, then fantastic! I’m pleased you’ve found a show you like, however, this just wasn’t for me. I feel as if that this premise could of easily been a really successful movie and now they’re trying to drag it out.

This show gets a simple 2.8 out of 5 from me.