Review: btsync vs syncthing

I haven’t seen one around so i thought i would do a little write up comparing bit-torrent sync and syncthing.
Let me start off by stating, “i have no idea what i am doing. This is my experience and my hope is that it helps someone else”.

Btsync requires a complicated setup. But its significantly faster. I can get a sustained 1.5mb/s of throughput on anything over 1GB in size, with 2mb/s bursts. My home line is 100mbit.
Lets start off with the why.
My host is hetzner and due to the transatlantic cable limiting connections speeds, i can only get about 200 kb/s per connection. This is not fast enough to stream via plex.
In the past i have had an automated eftp sync setup, but with Quickbox rocking the seedbox world, might as well and try some new stuff.

To setup btsync you must:
add user to btsync group
add btsync group as owner to the synced folder
sudo chmod a+rwx -R btsync (un sure if this needs to be reran after new downloads, so far it appears no)
create an ssh tunnel to your box using
create an user account
download agent on your destination box
setup the readonly share on both ends.
Watch the magic!

Syncthing is much, easier to use. But does not support simultaneous connections. I can only get 180-200kb/s throughput. But there is basically no configuration needed.
through the portal, open syncthing.
assign your admin login credentials
setup your master folder
download tool on your second machine.
Approve the sync
Watch the magic.

does anyone have something better?
I am thinking about switching to sys due to this issue, but i have a killer server on hetnzer. Twice the E5-SAT-2-32 but at almost half its cost.

I played around with syncthing and btsync. I could never get satisfactory performance(in my opinion anyway) using them. lftp has been my go to program since finding it. I have a 170 mbit down connection in the US and I can saturate it pulling from boxes in france using lftp.

Using syncthing and it does roll like a charm…no problems with upload or download speeds at all!