Reverse Proxy setup

hi guys
just download quickbox and set it up for the 1st time and loved the layout of the default website.
i wanted to reverse proxy to my quickbox machine I have a reverse proxy setup on nethserver.
to setup the reverse proxy i need to move quickbox page from the root of the web server to http://localhost/quickbox
any help in this would be appreciated


So you want like… ? rather than an IP:port ? or what

I think what your wanting is a domain so that its not using the ip. otherwise i would need you to explain what your wanting a little more.

Yes I would like it to be As my public ip port 80 and 443 point to different server. With a reverse proxy setup point to different web services

you would have to do it as a subdomain, like … You would do this with DNS settings with your hostname provider.
IE/ point to quickbox server ip.

Old post, I know, but there is no documentation that I could find. But why would someone have to use it as a subdomain instead of an app path ( Is it because Quickbox doesn’t have reverse proxy app paths coded in? I have this exact setup for multiple other applications.