Reverse Proxy Setup help

First, I would like to thank the developers for creating this script and making it so easy to install all the needed software on my seedbox.

I have a couple of questions.
I would like to setup reverse proxy using the domain.tld/couchpotato, etc or even couchpotato.domain.tld. What would be the easiest guide to follow? I followed the instructions to install letsencrypt from the wiki.

Also, first time I installed this script, it asked me whether to use / or /home. This time when I reinstalled, I did not create /home directory. Script did not ask me to choose this time and i have /home directory. Is that normal?

Thanks again.

It is not intended to create any particular directory. The questionnaire is in regards to the specific partition layout of your server. So, if you use a /(root) mounted server or a /home mounted server, you select the options accordingly. This is not in regards to your /home directory… as that will exist on any linux system by default.

As for couchpotato, I know there are a few users whom have done this. I think @piluc88 has something along these lines setup and may have a few variables you can add to apache for this purpose. I personally just keep the ports.

Thanks for clearing the partition question. I got the partition and directory confused.

I will try and do a bit more reading on reverse proxy setup. Do not want to break anything.