Resize boot partition questions

I have a seedbox, with the ability to boot into recovery mode using a networked, live recovery system. I want to know if i were to delete partitions 2 and 3, resize the boot, then recreate the deleted partitions, if I would loose anything critical to the quickbox installation? I dont care about losing any of my torrents or any of the downloaded content, but would the configuration of my quickbox remain intact? ie rtorrent, btsync, plex, ect. or is all of that stored on partition 2.
Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
1 1049kB 200MB 199MB primary ext4 boot
2 200MB 254GB 254GB primary ext4
3 254GB 256GB 2048MB primary linux-swap(v1)

Basically my end game would be to increase the space of the boot partition by 500-1000MB. Appreciate any responses or help in the matter. Thanks guys

no one knows?

Hello @94tbird,

I can’t help you with that because I never had to do this before, I think the best way for you to have an answer is maybe to try it.

You can install QuickBox on a virtual machine (make a template/snapshot from your VM before playing with partitions) and try to “delete partitions 2 and 3, resize the boot, then recreate the deleted partitions”.

Let us know if you have some troubles! but you should not :wink:

Good luck

Im not sure how to make a snapshot of my current server, but I did create a Virtual box ubuntu setup and installed quickbox on it. On the virtual one i can jsut boot into the GUI and use Gparted and achieve my goal. It allows me to unmount and mount the partitions to do this,

However on the Live Quickbox,if i use X2g0 toget into the GUI and use Gparted, I can unmount the swap and the Boot partitions and edit their sizes, but I cannot unmount the data drive (partition 2) it says its busy,