[Request] Why Paths don't match up?!

First time trying to install this. It’s actaully on a VirtualBox image of Ubuntu 16.04.

Script runs fine, asks me all the questions etc. Confirms I’m root.

I have the same problem if I’m trying to install from the / directory or the ~ directory (which one is correct btw?)

all packages are pulled but then the script looks for the files in /etc/QuickBox… when all the files are actaully in /root/QuickBox…

Any suggestions to get the script to find the files in the directory where they were put (by the script).

Thanks in advance!

What guide did you use?

Copied and Pasted from the FAQ.

So I just changed up the paths in the install script to point to etc (for the git clone and setup) It’s running now. Will see how it goes.

Thanks for bearing with a beginner!

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It would appear I updated the paths everywhere accept for the FAQ on how to install. The paths have been adjusted to avoid conflicts with initial installations (a little bumpy at first admittedly) and will now place the local QuickBox repositories directly to the /etc/ directory. If you had it previously installed to /root/QuickBox according to the old method of install, you can do an rm -rf /root/QuickBox to kill that location.


also to run as root and on vm you might need to do a
sudo su
then run