Request : Muximux

Muximux is a lightweight portal to view & manage your webapps without having to run anything more than a PHP enabled webserver. With Muximux you don’t need to keep multiple tabs open, or bookmark the URL to all of your apps.

here is what it can look like with Quickbox :

(notice the top line with plex sonarr NZB Hydra …)

right now i have succes to have https://ip/Muximux then put https/ip as main tab of muximux…
but would be perfect if add a package from quickbox make https://ip lead to muximux with quickbox already set as default tab :heart_eyes:

… or if Quickbox allow to add custom entry in main menu, then muxmimux would be not needed anymore

Thx for this answer, i have try it and it work :slight_smile:
…but even if tuto is well explain, Muximux gui is just really more user friendly, faster, and easyer to adapt ^^