Replace my current domain with a new one


I would like to replace my current domain with a new one.
How do I know that the server is using an SSL certificate?

Here are some quick steps you can perform to take advantage of your new domain.

  1. Ensure that your IP is pointing to your new domain at your DNS provider. (note: If you’re using CloudFlare, make sure the cloud icon is grey. If orange, the certificate will fail to complete as it will read CloudFlares proxy IP and not your server)
  2. Run the command as root box install letsencrypt
  3. Follow the prompts and enter the typical info, ie; email address and domain
  4. After the certificate is created, you can check at /etc/apache2/ssl/certs/. You’ll see something in the shape of &
  5. Replace the certificates in your default-ssl.conf file located at /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/. The lines for replacing are at Lines 40-41. Here, insert your new .pem and .key
  6. Save the file and restart apache with service apache2 restart
  7. Winning

You’ll know the server is making use of the new certificate when you are able to visit the new and see that there is a green https in your address bar on the browser. If it still nags you about a certificate for the domain, clear all browser cache and try to access the domain once more.

it’s OK

Thank you very much for your very quick reply

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