Replace existing shell with Shell-in-a-box

My suggestion is to replace the existing web shell with Shell-in-a-box

This would allow a full shell(vs the existing shell in QuickBox which is limited).

I can see the use for this when issuing sudo commands. If you look at the 2nd page of the 2nd link, it talks about using a reverse proxy and .htpasswd with it which would integrate well into Quickbox…for example only allowing it to be used by the master account.

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Just informing that the first link doesn’t work anymore (404 error). Other than that, good idea!

Fixed…thanks for letting me know!

Pleased to say, as of 4 hours ago, Shell-in-a-box is now the new deliverable for our Web Console! Run your update from the dashboard to take advantage of it. I have additionally converted it to systemd for the ability to toggle the service on/off from the dashboard. :wink:

Along with various other commits, here is the one that fires this off:

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awesome news! :slight_smile:

It doesnt seem to work for me. Enabling/Disabling via the panel doesnt change the status and when you click the WebConsole on the side it pops up a URL to my host:4224 but then it doesnt connect. I havent had time to dig into it to see if something is actually listening on 4224.

try a reboot. Had the same problem and a reboot did it

Yeah, it could be either a reboot may be needed - or - the update previously didn’t write the systemd templates the way it should had.

Still issues with it:

  1. Enable/Disable the service has no effect on if its running. It remains running according to the status section
  2. It doesnt allow me to enter user/password on chrome but does on firefox
  3. its claiming my certs are invalid. I have Lets Encrypt setup so the main panel and rutorrent are legit certs but when I try to connect to the shell-in-a-box, it pops up another window and there are cert errors.

I have updated both of my systems and rebooted them. Same issues on both.

Are you trying to access with a tld? At the moment it’s only reading via IP address… have you tried accessing via IP?

As per the start/stop on the dashboard, I am currently trying to sort this out. The odd part is I tested this a dozen times over last night and it was working fine, run the update and it suddenly doesn’t want to kill the service… go figure.

Also, it doesn’t use your let’s encrypt certs, it has it’s on pem key generated in /var/lib/shellinabox that the daemon uses via systemd.


Just pushed an update that resolves the stop/start toggles on the dashboard. Tested it on 3 servers 1 dedicated and 2 VM and it fixed the issue.

Commit for review:

heh…yeah, I always use the domain. I dont remember my IPs…you made me look them up. When I use the IP it works properly in Chrome and Firefox on both systems.

I’ll figure out how to have it queue in actual tld’s as it would be nice. My personal box uses a tld as well. Not sure why it wouldn’t make use of it.

Additionally, refreshing still seems to need some work, but the service toggles are performing with that fix. :blush:


Here’s the hotfix for both btsync and the web console to ‘restart’ properly. Sort of a bonus package on this one! :slight_smile:

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The last fix works fine ! Thanks :slight_smile:

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