Rename episodes with overall episode number

I recently downloaded ten seasons of a series, the episodes were numbered according to their overall number in the series and not by season #/ episode #. The folder looks like this:

001 - AD - Pilot.mp4
002 - AD - Threat Levels.mp4
003 - AD - Stan Knows Best.mp4
004 - AD - Francine's Flashback.mp4
005 - AD - Roger Codger.mp4
006 - AD - Homeland Insecurity.mp4
007 - AD - Deacon Stan, Jesus Man.mp4
008 - AD - Bollocks to Stan.mp4
009 - AD - A Smith in the Hand.mp4
010 - AD - All About Steve.mp4
011 - AD - Con Heir.mp4
012 - AD - Stan of Arabia, Part 1.mp4
013 - AD - Stan of Arabia, Part 2.mp4
014 - AD - Stannie Get Your Gun.mp4
015 - AD - Star Trek.mp4
016 - AD - Not Particularly Desperate Housewife.mp4
017 - AD - Rough Trade.mp4
018 - AD - Finances with Wolves.mp4
019 - AD - It's Good to Be Queen.mp4
020 - AD - Roger and Me.mp4

I use sickrage and filebot to rename my media but I can’t figure out how to get either of these tools to get it right. How do I make filebot or sickrage rename based on overall episode number instead of episode # / season # ?

as part of rclone install you get to use my naming :smiley: if that helps :wink:

I’d look over the examples here
hope that helps more…

It doesn’t help :confused:

I would ask at

When I get funny episode names like this, they tend to be a “one off” so I don’t have an automated solution, but what I do is connect to the remote desktop either via ssh or x2go (which can be installed from the dashboard).

Once I’m in the server, I browse using the file manager, highlight the files and use the batch renamer. I’ve put screenshots below to help better explain what I mean.

Once I have them as a crude (S01E01.mkv, S01E02…) I use Sonarr to rename them (I’m sure sickrage would have a similar feature)

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I asked for help on the Filebot forums and got the solution. The series in question is American Dad!

filebot -list --q "American Dad" --format "{}.mp4" | for FILE in *.mp4; do read LINE; mv -v "$FILE" "$LINE"; done

This worked like a charm.