Removing basic auth from Plex

Is there anyway to removing basic auth from plex? Its getting a bit annoying having to login twice each time I go to there

is where

What would I change? Still not worked it out

Do the follow

nano /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/plex.conf

And add file like that:

Tried this. Broke Plex. now have to reinstall

Weird, that should not break Plex. Did you keep the original plex.conf ?
Why don’t you pass directly to ?
It’s the same thing and you only have to login with your plex account or pin code.


Broken your Plex? I’am using exactly that configuration, and working fine…

Yea I added it restarted my apache service and when i refreshed the page I got a error page had to reinstall Plex as I stupidly didnt back the conf file up