Relocating dashboard/homepage

Perhaps because the search terms are too generic, I have not managed to find a solution to this issue.

I installed QuickBox on a local computer to test it and I would like to now install it on my dedicated server. I use that server for other functions as well, however, and I would need to keep its main url/homepage as it is. I tried to move the the /srv/rutorrent/home but that does not seem to work.

In a nutshell: am I missing an option to install dashboard somewhere else? Thank you for your consideration.

I dont see that working well. Any extensive changes like this will be wiped by an update and you’ll end up having to constantly make tweaks for it to function. I would install this as a virtual machine leaving its file structure alone.

Why don’t you edit the apache config rather than try to muck with the location of the dashboard? The location of the dash is hardcoded in many instances - as @RXWatcher states, this would be far too complicated to try to alter and updates would simply replace the dashboard in /srv/rutorrent/home. On the other hand, the apache configs should not really be altered during updates.