Reload services from dashboard not starting irssi



When using reload services from dashboard, rtorrent and irssi does not start up.

When selecting on/off from service controller they can be started again.

Fresh install of QB on Debian 8


i just noticed this on ubuntu.

using the off on switch turns it on but yeah this is a bug on both systems not just debian.

*im off to bed for a little bit, can’t wait to see how this is solved i love seeing bugs smashed :smile: :bug: :hammer: :tools: :head_bandage: lol ok i am going…


agreed…seeing it as well


More than likely this is a matter of systemd now being in use. The reload from dashboard was previously working with cron to reload the services.

We are currently working on a system that better handles this with systemd to restart services individually.

Here is a quick peek. The design of this will probably change as it’s now moving into the “layout phase” as the function works properly. The “Reload” menu item will be removed as well.