Reinstall without losing home folder

Hi i fucked up my permissions this day by the command:
sudo chmod -R 777 /

And now i cant access sudo, su or any super user command
so now i need to reinstall my machine…

but can i reinstall it without losing any data in my home folder?

Hello @FrodoToto,

Which OS and version did you install ? Ubuntu ? Debian ?
The most simple could be to download your files and reupload them :confused:

Its ubuntu 16.04

And we are talking 4-5TB so its not really an option

If you ran 777 on the entire /(root) mount… I m afraid you’re duped. Nothing you can really do other than do a reinstall of the OS. I have done this before on so many machines by way of late night and lack of coffee… it’s a drag every time.


if it was local server id say there is one idea but as i dont think u are running it locally.

you is in bad situation sucks but yeah clean install the only way to fix it.

If in the very rare change you’re using

They offer a C14 storage option for their dedis.

I had to backup all my data (3.5tb) a few months ago.

They have a 20tb “temporary storage” space that you can store data on for 14 days. I was able to use that temp space while I rebuilt and then transfer back at the full gigabit. In total cost me about €1 - they only charge for creating and deleting the temp storage, no charge for the data in temp.