Regular expression question

Hey guys, having an issue with RUTorrent and RSS feeds.
Currently i have the following filter on my RSS Manager :

I chose to download all, because the feed I am using used to be 1080P only. Now they are releasing 2 feed in the RSS feed :
[Bluray] and [WEBRip], and very rarely they are releasing 1 on each. I need my regular expression to choose to get either, but IF there is a duplicate only get the first one of the two. I wrote a small shell script to alert me when there are duplicates… but I currently am doing it manually. Any ideas how to resolve this?

Figured its best to try to resolve it at the RSS feed with an expression.

Thanks all!

I think the resolution is this :

Because I found out about | with regex…
ab|cd match ab or cd

I’m thinking its OR and not AND