Recurrent Paused Torrents and how to update rutorrent.rc to 2gbit configuration

Hi there,

First of all thanks for Quickbox, being a bigginer on Linux as I am its amazing how simple and reliable it is. My problem atm is that for some reason I keep getting many paused torrents and I don’t know whats the reason.

Someone can help?

Also I wanted to know how to change my rtorrent file to 10gbit. I was prompted when installing quickbox if my server was 10gbit, it isn’t but it is 2gbit. For some reason I have a limit preset on rTorrent (102400 KB/s) When I change it to 0 when I open the configuration again, the limit is still there.


Nano /username/.rutorrent.rc

I think… could be wrong not home to check.

Only thing you can really do in rtorrent.rc is increase max peers, but that won’t help much.

As for the 102400KB/s limit you’re seeing, that’s due to an ruTorrent plugin, if I remember correctly, the Throttle plugin. Remove that and the limit should be gone.

Throttle and extratio both do speed limits I believe.

Not sure exactly about the pausing torrents could be permissions related. A few quick ideas here, potentially number 1