Recommend VPS or Dedicated for Quickbox


can you suggest me provider VPS or Dedicated for Quickbox ?
budget 15$ - 50$/month.
can download public torrent and seed public torrent.
location server : NL, USA, FR ?


I would recommend either - Their setup fees can be a little too much but really good servers!
or SoYouStart (OVH): - No setup fees ends today


thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:
where is the best country ? USA, NL, FR ?


I run two of these: both in the same DC in france.

Each has its purpose but both run quickbox on them.


how about speed download ?


I haven’t really exercised mine much to give you a good answer. I had been getting in the 90MB/s up/down previous to switching to quickbox.

I had @liara tune one of them this week for me. She recommended I move off of debian 8 to Ubuntu 16.04 ahead of time so I did. I really haven’t tested performance since then.


In which country do you live? I’m asking because of peering and stuff.
I would recommend NL, they’ve a very relaxed Internet policy :wink:
I’m also at :wink:


Well depends where you´re located - if you live in the US there´s no idea using a european provider unless theres a specific reason and vice versa!


i would vote for hertzer for the simple fact is you could get a much better deal on a server on auction (example would be a seedbox i7/16gb/16tb HD for 47 euros if your lucky (little over your cost at 52$~


OK, i live in indonesian :slight_smile:
Thanks all for the suggestion.
i will try :slight_smile:


Hi, if You want to try some another provider, check pangnote and find a suitable variant for you. I hope you’ll find it useful!