Recent Installation Issues and Why so many hot fixes?

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You may of recently seen in the past few days or so, that there have been a lot of installation issues with regards to the latest update and the team have been working extremely hard to resolve these issues and fix all of these bugs and everything. Well now that we have resolved these issues, we wanted to let everyone know the reason for this.

Well because we rebuilt the platform from the ground up, we had an issue with our firewall. This meant issues activating QuickBox or similar. This was most certainly unforeseen and we can now say that the issue has since been resolved.

Our QuickBox staff have been working very hard at investigating and resolving this issue and we want to thank them for their hard work during this time.

We obviously want to apologise about the recent issues and we are extremely happy with the latest build and very happy with the issues now being resolved. If you are currently using an old unlicensed version of QuickBox, then we are willing to update your version onto version 1.6.3 when released very soon.

We really want to thank our community for their patience and support during this time.