Rearrange Dashboard panel defaults?

Is it possible to rearrange the default location of each of the QB dashboard panels? I’d like to move CPU Status upward so its side-by-side to bandwidth usage. I do it by hand manually but it resets itself.


Yes, currently this is something that I am going to be addressing (next week?). The storage paths in the browser database do not want to store the saved locations of the widgets. I do certainly plan on addressing this.

For the meantime, you can easily reorder your widgets on the dashboard by simply pasting the block of code to your desired location. Here’s an example that works for you:

Open up the index.php file located at /srv/rutorrent/home. I have marked the widgets for transparency within the code.

The CPU widget is located at line #525

You can then move this block to the top by placing it above the Server Load Widget located at line #482

Then simply make sure you have deleted their old locations.

The Widgets start with <div class="col-sm-12">
and end with </div><!-- CPU WIDGET -->

In the event you mess something up… just upgrade from your dashboard to replace the borkedness!

These changes will be overwritten on an update. So after you make your changes, you could do cp -a /srv/rutorrent/home /srv/rutorrent/home_custom. This will save a copy to your /srv/rutorrent/ directory named home_custom

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this is wonderful. many thanks for the very thorough response and easy to follow instructions. :slight_smile: