Really important +18

SO i am too poor to order this for real but as today is a really important day For @JMSolo
being he is 1 year older lol Happy Birthday bro here is a striper for you


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Of course you just did that to me… damn you @dtech_banned, damn you.

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You love me you know you do XD

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Shocked you didn’t use the cable stripper as the over 18 photo…

Happy Birthday @JMSolo

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still wanted to keep simi clean as this is a public community

i know but the tech pun would of been funny like those greeting cards that sound perverted but actually are not

haha that’s too funny! Speaking of Calvin Klein, I’m watching Back to the Future right now, I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I saw the pic!

Happy birthday @JMSolo !!! Hopefully you take a minute over the weekend to enjoy a bit :wink:

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