Re-Compiling ffmpeg

I was wanting to re-compile ffmpeg. I need the openssl configuration which wasn’t set during initial QB setup.

I was going to follow instructions here to uninstall:

rm -rf ~/ffmpeg_build ~/ffmpeg_sources~/bin/{ffmpeg,ffprobe,ffplay,ffserver,vsyasm,x264,x265,yasm,ytasm}
// recompile ffmpeg

But based on the install for QB, folders/sources are not in those locations.

It looks like the sources are downloaded and compiled in /usr/local/bin, and then only ffmpeg and ffprobe are copied from there to /usr/bin

So I just need to remove the folders in /usr/local/bin and the 2 folders (ffmpeg and ffprobe) from /usr/bin ? then just re-compile (I could just follow the same commands in the QB Install)


Edit: Actually, I shouldn’t need to remove the yasm stuff? just remove ffmpeg/ffprope/ffserver from /usr/local/bin and ffmpeg/ffprobe from /usr/bin

Don’t need to touch x264/yasm/etc or re-compile them at all right? I can just leave them alone.

is there a way to keep a backup of my current installation just in case something goes wrong? just make copies of the files I removed?