Rapidleech on QuickBox bleeding edge

It has been requested numerous times over and I have received several PMs additionally in regards to the inclusion of Rapidleech into the QuickBox Eco System.

Rapidleech as well as a few other packages will be included over the next week… not sure if these will be released within one version release or over the course of a couple… really just to maintain stability within the script and Dashboard.

If anyone would like to setup Rapidleech from our Bleeding Edge repo, then here is how:

Installer for Rapidleech

cd /usr/local/bin
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Swizards/QuickBox/experimental/commands/system/packages/installpackage-rapidleech
dos2unix installpackage-rapidleech
chmod +x installpackage-rapidleech

Now install by typing:


Uninstaller for Rapidleech

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Swizards/QuickBox/experimental/commands/system/packages/removepackage-rapidleech
dos2unix removepackage-rapidleech
chmod +x removepackage-rapidleech

Now you can uninstall by typing:


####:mega: Heads Up!
Again, please remember that this is a bleeding edge release and as such, there is not currently a link to your Rapidleech install on the Dashboard, nor are there any Dashboard install/uninstall buttons. This will follow in an official release over the weekend.