Random testing acd & google cloud

so had the idea to use my google account and switch the mounts from ACD to my google drive which is a exact copy of the ACD…
on both my servers the one with Hetzner and the vps with leaseweb …
videos load a lot faster.

now to figure out how to use acd to scan as it works better for that and use google to watch things and keep them both synced at all times… hummmmm

did you experience issues where some files download a lot slower than others? some files for me drop down to nearly 0kb/s, but with other files, they download at a consisten 10-15 MB/s! weird… and frustrating.

with acd lately the cloud is going pretty slow

how much faster is google drive? do you have comparisons?

not worth it unless the scans were not there the load time for playing is much faster as in i can say i wish google did not do a 24hr lockout after scans

whats a 24 hour lockout? so you dont recommmend google drive?

google will lock you out of your drive sometimes for 24 hours due to you hammering the service, the best way to check is login to your drive via a browser and go to play a file if you get an error like below, you are probably locked out for 24 hours

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