RAM Always overloaded after installing Quickbox

Hey guys,

I have installed quickbox on my vps(50gb+150gb, scaleway.com, 8 gb of ram, cpu Intel® Atom™ CPU C2750 @ 2.40GHz).

I am having a problem with the memory being used since I installed quickbox, it is always 98%+ usage, as well as cached memory usage is above the 90%. Here’s a screenshot:

I have tired the “Clear Memory Cache” option a numerous times, but it simply clears the memory, and in 1 minute or so, it’s back to this situation again.

My OS is Ubuntu 16.04 and I have two seperate disks(50gb + 150 gb, 50 gb being the os disk, and 150 is mounted in /home/usr/torrents/rtorrent/drive)

I hope what I’ve described is enough explanation for some of you guys to understand the problem.

Thanks in advance and thanks a lot for this one-click install script. It saved me :slight_smile:

this is ok as it is not real mem being full. why it looks this way is it is using the ram that is free to make things run faster rather than you having all the ram and never using it. ram is faster than writing to the disk so it loads things there.
i hope this answers the question you have.

Remember this software is designed to run as a dedicated box. It’s not like running Windows or an environment Operating System that you’re always running different applications… thus needing memory free.

You’re not the first to ask this question, and probably won’t be the last. I was concerned too until I did a lot of searching the forum to find that it is ok. Plus the cached portion I have seen change depending on how many torrents are loaded. I’ve had over 100 torrents on my OLD(!!!) Quickbox seeding box, and the thing never has given me any issues. I use only Deluge and not rtorrent, just to mention.

I just recently flushed all my torrents to make room for a new batch. I’m currently seeding 12 torrents, and this is how my box looks:

Real Memory Usage is the only item you really need to keep an eye on. But with the specs you have, you should be good there for awhile.

The problems I am having is that ever since I started this new box(200gb) I am having issues seeding my torrents to other people’s seedboxes. I also have an only 50gb box from scaleway.com and that is working perfectly fine.

Here’s my main issue:
When uploading, even though my ratio is at 1.00, the peer that I am uploading to is only at around 96%, and the upload to that peer never reaches 100%. Again, I have used the same installation and it works perfectly fine in my other box(VC1S at scaleway.com).
Here’s a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/Qh8lHIR.png

This happens to all the seedbox peers, which I must upload to.

Another thing is, while running mkvmerge function through Putty using SSH, I get a message of abortion(“Software caused connection drop” or something like that), again, something that doesn’t happen in my other box. And that’s why I thought it would be RAM or something of this sorts, something I might have messed up, even though I tried to keep it as clean an install as I could.

I hope someone can help me on this, as I really need this box to keep my uploads alive, uploads which a lot of people rely on to watch free sports.

Thank you guys for the replies :slight_smile:

https://memcached.org/ this might help explain it more.

you might want to check htop to see whats running and how much of what is running.

this is my running server as your one you are comparing only has 15 things seeding it does not have much to worry about and as such might not cache as much as say mine will.

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